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Printer Offline Technical Support

The most abominable message on a computer screen is “Printer Offline”. We at Devices Support extend unlimited services to troubleshoot your printer related problems. The printer has become a part and parcel of our lives on a professional and on the personal level. There are numerous actions which are held if the printer stops working. At Devices Support you get unlimited support went printer goes offline.

Why Does My Printer Says Offline?

There can be numerous reasons for the printer to appear offline, whether it be a wireless printer or a network printer. It becomes very important to troubleshoot and fix this problem for our work to run smoothly. This can be done on your own, or with the help of some external Printer Support. And our primary concern is to check what actually happened! There could be various reasons for the printer to appear offline. The reasons for printer showing offline

1) Connectivity:
one of the biggest reasons for the printer to appear offline is loose connections. If the wires are loose, or the USB connection is not proper, the printer may appear offline.

2) Jammed Paper:
If the paper gets jammed in the printer, it may appear offline. So, if the wires are properly fixed, check if the paper is thrust well, and is not obstructing the passage. You may also check for any other blockages which may hinder the printing process.

3) Hardware faults:
Sometimes there are certain hardware issues for which technical support is needed. Dysfunctioning of certain parts may also lead to the appearance of “printer is offline” message.

What to do If Printer is Offline?

Unless there is a hardware issue, you can always try to fix your printer in various ways, to ensure its normal working.

1) Rebooting the System

Rebooting the system helps in restarting the system which effectively resolves all the printer related issues, for most of the times.

2) Checking the USB connectivity issues:

It is very important to make sure that the USB is attached to the system and the printer properly, to avoid any issues related to connections.

3) Fix Paper Jamming

Jammed paper causes a major obstruction in the printing process, making the printer appear off-line. If the paper is jammed, it is advisable to remove the printing tray, then remove the jammed paper and then place the tray back safely, to continue printing.

4) Changing the settings

Most of the times, going to ‘devices and printers’ option and check-marking the message saying “printer is offline”, returns the printer back to online mode.


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